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Our perfected selling plan


If it doesn't look good or desirable, people don't want to buy it, no matter if it is a 2 cent piece of candy or a multi-million dollar home. We make sure your property looks good, the right people see it, and we get you the highest price we possibly can. We utilize the most advanced and effective ways to target the audience that will buy your property. From professional pictures, to print adds, to our website and social media outlets, we do it all.

Right Timing and Price

Timing is a key ingredient to selling a property at the top price. Whether it be the time of year or day of the week, we have the data and stats that give us the edge to make sure we get you the absolute most the market will bear.

The Right Agent

One thing many real estate firms seem to overlook or leave out as an important factor when selling a home is selecting the right agent. We believe this to be the most important factor of the three. We only have 5 agents in our company for a reason. We only hire agents that will care about you, your home, and your best interests. We also make sure every agent has the knowledge and skills to do the job successfully. If you don't have an agent that will do everything they can to sell your home, then everything else is a waste. No matter which agent you decide to work with at The Old Country Real Estate Group, you are choosing the right one. 

If you want to know what your home is worth.


Trusting someone means you believe in that person and their integrity. Trusting is knowing that ultimately that person's intentions are good and in your best interest.

The concept of trust embodies who we are and what we stand for as a company, as agents, and as a family.  We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to do the job well. While many other agents may work hard,  what separates us from the rest is our true and honest commitment to you. Every agent at the Old Country Real Estate Group has been hand-chosen for their integrity, transparency and work ethic.

Please visit the buying tips section below to learn more about the buying process. Or give one of us all call, we would love to chat.

The Old Country Real Estate Group
The Old Country Real Estate Group LLC Denver Real Estate

Tips and Tricks available for you if you are planning on selling your home.

Tips For Sellers

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The Buying


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