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Selling your home? Tips and tricks.




The main factor to consider when selling your home is the price. This is why it is imperative to hire the right agent. If it is priced too high, there will be fewer showings and less potential for the sale. Price it too low, and you lose money. We will meet with you to discuss current market conditions and find the right price for your situation. We will provide an in-depth comparative market analysis on your property and answer any questions you may have. 




Create a great first impression. Cleanliness is the key.


  1. Remove anything that may make the property look cluttered inside and out.

  2. Take care of your lawn. A green lawn makes the house look crisp and clean. Make sure you also trim bushes and shrubs.

  3. Keep entryways free of debris and well kept.

  4. Clean, dust, wash, and vacuum.

  5. The inside should smell clean and inviting—like freshly baked cookies and less like a gym locker room.




Turn on lights if you know buyers will be over. With lights on in the house, it will feel more inviting and bright.


Remove pets if possible. No buyer likes to go through a house with a dog barking at them the whole time.


If a space looks cluttered, it probably is. Keep everything as clean and neat as possible.


If carpets are stained and you can't replace them, try to clean them as best as possible.

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